How to Take Part – Churches

Information for Participating Churches

We would like your help to make this year an even bigger success than last year and to celebrate the history on our doorstep.  We understand that time and volunteer support can be limited, but even a small amount of support will make a big difference.

Every congregation can participate by:

  • Opening your church from 10 am to 6 pm on the day wherever possible
  • Placing a Register of Riders and Striders in the church for people to sign
  • Displaying the enclosed poster in your church and/or locality.

You can still take part even if you are unable to open your church – just display the poster and leave the Register of Riders and Striders somewhere easy to find e.g. in the porch.

It would be great if you could:

  • Take part, individually or better still in a group, by being sponsored to walk, cycle, horse ride etc… to places of worship in the county (including Peterborough unitary local government area). Whilst we don’t encourage the use of cars we welcome them where other means of transport aren’t possible or where they are a key part of sponsorship i.e. vintage cars, tractors etc…
  • Have people in the church throughout the day to welcome Riders and Striders and other visitors (your welcomers can be sponsored for the hours they volunteer)
  • Create a fundraising page for your church for our event. Start at Individuals will be able to distribute the link to the church fundraising page.  Sponsors who prefer to do so can donate on-line and we will still know which church is to benefit from half the amount raised.

If you have the time you could even provide:

  • Refreshments – homemade cakes are always popular
  • Family trails and craft activities
  • An exhibition, parish history day
  • Guided tours
  • Music performances
  • Have-a-go bellringing

The list endless of activities is endless!  Ride and Stride coincides with Heritage Open Day, so it is a great opportunity to celebrate historic places of worship, but do remember that there will be a lot for people to see and do so it is often better to focus on one or two ‘drop-in’ activities.  Please make sure you put up publicity for both Ride and Stride and Heritage Open Day. 

Please download the following items (some are still in production and will be available shortly):

Covering Letter

Poster – General

Poster – Open

Register of Visitors

Main Sponsorship Form

Continuation Sponsorship Sheet

Church list 2019 

Paying in form

After the event please send figures, photographs and stories from the day.

 Top Tips

  • Church Welcomers – A welcomer sits in a church on Ride and Stride day and signs off the sponsorship forms for the Riders and Striders. Welcomers can do their own fund-raising by asking for sponsorship for each hour they are on duty.
  • Tea and cake – always welcome
  • Activities – make sure guide books, leaflets, trails and any children’s activities are well stocked and readily available.
  • Go to Stewardship’s net and make your church a FundRaiser! Circulate the link at work and with friends, family and followers.