Hail Weston, St Nicolas

Grant awarded: Grant of £2,000 and Loan of £20,000

Hail Weston, St Nicolas 2024 – Final Report

Hail Weston Interim Report

  1. The Victorian former south porch has been dismantled, everything carefully numbered and re-erected over the north door where a porch used to stand until 1884, when the Victorians knocked down the original.  Apart from the floor, this is now complete, (although we need to have a good tidy up around the grass area, once all the building work is completed).  The new north porch will be the main access into the church and will have disabled access.
  2. The new extension currently under construction on the south side of the church which will have disabled access and contain a disabled toilet and a small servery.  We are particularly thrilled with the reclaimed slates on the new roof.   Our contractor managed to source them from another church that was being taken down.  They match the tiles on the newly re-erected porch over the north door – even to having some moss on them, so will blend in with the rest of the church very well!  The new extension is being clad in stone in the areas currently covered with blue plastic.  It will house a bespoke oak servery and fridge.  The original outside wall on the south side of the church which was covered by the south porch.  This has now been incorporated into the overall design of the new servery, and for the first time, you can appreciate the beautiful moulding around the area where the original south door hangs.  (This door has gone to the carpenter to have a piece added to it as the flooring is now level with the floor in the church to enable disabled access).
  3. At a recent meeting with our contractor, he has now agreed that we can open up part of the churchyard to the public again so that they can go and tend their family graves.”

Anne-Marie Hamilton


St Nicolas Church Restoration Group