Grants and loans are available for the repair of an eligible building and its building services including rewiring and heating projects. We also offer grants and loans for installing new facilities like toilets and kitchens.

Historic churches and chapels of any Christian denomination in Cambridgeshire are eligible, provided they are likely to remain in use for public worship and be properly maintained for the foreseeable future.

Recent Grants

St John, Keyston
Memorial Conservation -Grant £1,000

St Remigius, Water Newton
Roof Alarm – Grant £1,000

St Paul, Gorefield
Reslating all roofs – Grant £2,000 and Loan £2,000

St Peter, Carlton
Additional structural work – Grant £3,000

Countess Free Church, Ely
Internal partitioning – Grant £2,700

St Mary, Whaddon
Additional roof repairs following earlier grant – Loan £20,000

SS Peter& Paul, Alconbury
Roof Alarm – Grant £1,000

Thriplow, St George
Chancel and Vestry Repairs – Grant £1,500 and loan £16,000

All Saints and St Andrews, Kingston
Nave ceiling and south aisle repairs Grant £3,000 and loan of £20,000

Grants and Loans

Grants are normally to a maximum of £3,000 for projects costing more than £10,000.

Interest-free loans may be offered for any project to a maximum of £20,000

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Roof Alarm Grants

Alarms are the only proven deterrent to protect against metal theft.

Roof Alarm Grant

Alternative sources of funding

Our Grants Secretary accounts for CHCT grants, but where else might you apply?

Alternative funding sources

Advice and Information

Sources of advice and information on church maintenance

Advice and Information

Application deadline

13 Sept 5pm

Our next Executive Committee meeting is on 20 Sept and applications need to be in hand at least one week beforehand.

All grants are now via our online application portal. Decide which type of grant and click the button above.