Change Ringing Explained lecture recording now available

Did you see this on-line lecture, and would like to view it again, or did you miss it and would like to see it now? Whichever is the case, here is your chance. If you’ve ever listened to church bells and wondered how it’s done, or if you’ve peeped into the base of a church tower and seen a board recording the past efforts of ringers with “grandsires” and other perplexing words, here is your opportunity to find out more. 

Gareth Davies is a Cambridge bellringer, postgraduate researcher, and member of the History and Archives Workgroup of the Central Council of Church Bellringers and he explains from first principles how the use of bells developed from simple origins to the elaborate sequences that are now a relatively familiar sound in England.

This is brought to you by Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust – one of our series of five online lectures about church tours and spires and things associated with them. There is now one remaining in the series – go back to “Events” for full details. These lectures are open to anyone without charge, but if you aren’t a member we’ll be delighted if you join, and anyway we’re grateful for donations towards our work supporting the cost of repairs and improvements to churches of all Christian denominations in Cambridgeshire.  Full details are on this website.