Church Tours

Usually each summer we organise four guided tours of churches in the county or nearby, on the second Sunday in May, June, July and August.   We visit three churches, starting at 2.30 pm.  The third and final church are kind enough to provide us with teas and a toilet is available.    At the end of the day those who wish to do so can stay for a short service of Evening Prayer, or join the local congregation for their evening service if one is scheduled.

In 2020 the Coronavirus Covid-19  emergency means that we must rule out gatherings of this kind at least for May and June and possibly the whole summer.  If in fac t we are able to resume our tours in July or August we shall publish details here and circulate them to our members.

Ride and Stride

Saturday 12th September 2020

Discover, explore and raise money for our amazing historic churches.  Find out more at Ride and Stride

Annual Conference 2020

This year’s Annual Conference on Saturday 18th April at Wolfson College, Cambridge “Timely Pointers to Heaven – Towers, Spires, Bells, Sundials and Clocks” has had to be postponed because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency.   Most of the speakers have agreed to present their papers next year on Saturday 17th April for which the venue had already been booked.  Delegates are being contacted and offered a refund, with the options of carrying their payments forward to 2021 or of donating the payment to the Trust, if possible Gift-Aided.