On-line Lecture – Sundials and Prayer Times

Did you miss this on-line lecture? Or perhaps you saw it and would like to view it again. Either way, a fascinating insight not just into sundials but into the whole topic of timekeeping and how it governs the daily religious routines not just of Christians but also of Jews and Muslims.

Dr Frank King is a leading authority on the subject and explains it all step-by-step, illustrated by clear drawings and images, in a way that’s easily understood by any of us, however little we already know or have thought about it before.

Brought to you by Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust – one of our series of five online lectures about church tours and spires and things associated with them. There are three more in the series – go back to “Events” for full details. These lectures are open to anyone without charge, but if you aren’t a member we’ll be delighted if you join, and anyway we’re grateful for donations towards our work supporting the cost of repairs and improvements to churches of all Christian denominations in Cambridgeshire.   Again, full details on this website.

Dr Frank King has compiled a list of Churches in Cambridgeshire where there are Mass Sundials.

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