Three-hour ‘Hymnalong’ is a great success!

David Pritchard (Vice Chair of CHCT) strode onto the organ bench at St Leonard’s, Little Downham on Saturday, 10 September and played 40 hymns (all verses) between 10 am and 1 pm.

He was delighted by the number of parishioners and friends who listened/sang/sponsored this unique event – most of the funds raised on the day will be divided between CHCT and St Leonard’s.

One of the churchwardens said afterwards, “you must do this again”! 

David hopes that next year many others will ‘think out of the box’ and do whatever they can to raise funds for this important annual fundraising event. 

The monies raised by ‘Ride and Stride’ are given out in grants/loans to churches who apply for help with funding repairs/maintenance in the following year.