Ride and Stride 2022 Launch

Launch of the 2022 Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride Event which takes place on Saturday 10th September 2022.

We are looking forward to the event taking place safely this year unaffected by Covid as in the past 2 years.

All the information you will need to participate in this year’s Ride & Stride can be found by exploring the Ride and Stride pages of our website and we encourage everybody to download and share whatever they need to join in the event.

In the coming days we will be sending out a letter encouraging parishes, groups and individuals to participate in the event. Then in July, we will be sending out to all our mailing lists, via email, the details of the day with all the usual posters, sponsorship forms etc as attached files.

But you can short circuit this whole process by just downloading what you want here on our website.

There are three points to highlight this year.

Firstly for those who would like to set up online giving pages to get sponsorship for their participation in the Ride & Stride we have a new partner facilitating it, InvestMyCommunity. Full details will appear on our website in the next few days, please look at them.

This year we have, again on the website, the facility to make card payments either to remit sponsorship money or just make a donation to the event as a whole.

Finally, we ask every church to re-register themselves for the Ride & Stride, to let participants know whether or not your church will be open (and if it has a toilet) or anything else you think they would like to know. The information will be placed on the page your church has in our listings of churches on our website.