Ride and Stride FAQ’s

Few historic buildings are as easy to visit as a parish church. They are often the oldest building in a village or town with each stone marking the location where history happened. They are open and welcoming to all, but the buildings require a great deal of care and repair across the year which has to be met by small groups of volunteers. Maintenance and repair costs range from thousands into the hundreds of thousands, which is beyond the scope of most modern-day congregations. That’s where grant-making organisations like the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust step in, but we need your help to raise the vital funds. You can make a difference to the history on your doorstep – churches belong to us all, they are part of our story of life, love, death and everything in between!

The money you raise will be split between the Trust and your chosen place of worship. If the sponsorship is Gift-Aided, then the Trust can benefit further.

Cycling and walking are the most popular ways to take part, but we welcome other methods – unicycles, three-legged teams, vintage tractors. We also welcome vehicles when other methods might not be possible, but please be aware that parking at some sites is limited. Historic churches are continually striving to improve access for all, but please be aware of steps and uneven floors in many places. Dogs on leads are also welcome in most churches.

Ride and Stride is not an organised group event like other bike rides. Participants can follow social distancing whilst taking part.

There is no need to go inside churches to take part, but where buildings are open appropriate measures will be in place.

Don’t forget churchyards – these are often overlooked spaces that have an important relationship with the buildings they surround and are great places to explore or relax in.

Whilst we cannot currently be sure what the situation will be at the time of the event, we need to plan ahead in order to make the most of whatever opportunities are available.  Even if restrictions return, there is a good chance the event can go ahead in some format. You might visit churches virtually or just get out and explore your local churchyard.


You can take part on any day but the churches that are visited may not be open or stewarded so you may need to sign your own sponsor form.

10am until 6pm

Anyone can participate.

You could be sponsored to welcome visitors to your church.

A great success of the event is having people in the churches to welcome Riders and Striders who visit.

Ask someone to help you get round, giving you lifts from church to church. Or even pushing your wheelchair. If you are confident in your battery, you could use a mobility scooter.


However, please ensure that your church council is aware of your intentions as any ensuing liabilities need to lie with them rather than CHCT.


Just someone who is willing to raise money that will go towards the church buildings you love.


Ride and Stride is a family-friendly event and family members can either have their own separate sponsor forms or a shared form.


Groups (e.g. Church groups, Scouts, Guides, Toddler Group, Sunday School, Walking group, Cycling Group) are welcome to take part.

Please also be especially aware of road safety if a number of you are able to travel together.

As few or as many as your wish.

Just let the people sponsoring you know about how many churches you are planning to visit if they are sponsoring you per church.

You can choose your own route covering any distance you wish and visiting as many churches as you would like. 


You can start and finish anywhere in any county which is participating.

We are currently compiling a list as churches register with us. A link to this will soon be available.

Whilst we do not encourage car use to visit churches, vehicles are welcome in the following situations:

  • when other forms of transport aren’t possible
  • to transport you to your first church and from your last church

If using a car as the main source of transport, please ensure the people sponsoring you know your intentions and that your car insurance covers you for this activity.


Over 30 counties take part in this event so you can take part in another part of the country or on a different day.

To find out details of the event in another county visit National Ride and Stride


You could take part on a different day. Alternatively, you could visit churches in the country you are visiting but make sure that the people sponsoring you know your intentions.

Participants are allowed to nominate a church of their choice that will receive 50% of their sponsorship money (before GiftAid).

There is a space for this information on the sponsorship form. If you are using our online sponsorship, InvestMyCommunity, then indicate in your description which church you are raising money for.


On the sponsorship form write “100% CHCT” in the box on the sponsor form where you can nominate a church.

If you are using InvestMyCommunity to raise money online, indicate that all the money raise will go to CHCT in your description.

Because of high postage costs we are trying to distribute our ‘paperwork’ by email or by downloads from this website.

If you have any problems downloading the material you need please contact Rev’d Tim Thompson ([email protected]).

Riders and Striders may find it more practicable to seek sponsorship “virtually” instead of using paper forms. If so, it is important to record whether each sponsor wishes his or her contribution to attract Gift Aid.

We hope there will be for the churches that are open. Photographs can be taken of each church visited to make a record to share with your sponsors and we would love to see some of your photos too, provided you are happy for one or two to appear on our website or Facebook page.


CHCT will only pay out a 50% share of sponsorship money to a church.

Please send it to the CHCT, Ride and Stride Treasurer as soon as you can together with the paying in form you can download below. This gives you all the necessary details for card, BACS or payment by cheques as well as contact details. If you can do it all online, so much the better.

Download the Paying in Form here

First, make sure your clergy, ministers or church council are happy for the church to take part.

You will find our online form for churches here.